Subject Install problem PHP SUSE8.0 INTERBASE APACHE
Author iancoullie
I have seen only requests for help on this error but no solutions
I hope i will have better luck then other posts on other groups

Thanking you in advance

Platform SUSE 8.0
1. required php with interbase support
2. noted that my future web page server site had apache_1.3.28 running
and php-4.3.3 running
3. As php and apache had been loaded as packages could not get
interbase support
4. removed both packages with yast2
5. downloaded apache_1.3.29 and php-4.3.3 to usr/local/src
6. $ tar xvfz apache_1.3.29.tar.gz
$ tar xvfz php-4.3.3.tar.gz
7. ./configure --enable-module=so --prefix=/usr/local/apache
8. make ok, make install ok, no problems
9. ./configure --with-apache=../apache_1.3.29
10.make ok, make install ok, no problems
11. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache
--activate-module=src/module/php4/libmodphp.a --enable-module=so
12. config ok
13. make - all goes well until

===> src/modules/php4
gcc -c -I../../os/unix -I../../include -DLINUX=22 -DUSE_HSREGEX
`../../apaci` mod_php.4c
mod_php4.0:c:22: php_apache_http.h: No such file or directory

Any help will be gratefully accepted as 24 hrs of work has gone by
with repeated installations with no joy

Ian Coullie