Subject Re: [firebird-php] php installation
Author Scott Taylor
At 09:11 PM 12/17/2003, jain vaibhav wrote:
>Hi freinds,
>I have get the problems while installing php.
>In my office i work on IIS server.For pesonal use at
>my home my opratig system is windows 98 and i have
>install pws,php 4.2.3 and mysql 4.09
> I made the virtual directory for phpmyadmin.
>but when i run this Initialy it shows the code of that
>file .I restart the computer and again try it but this
>time it it shows the error that server not found.
>wheather it better for me install window xp then try
>can u give me the solution for this

Build a Linux boxen and install Apache, PHP, and FirebirdSQL then you can
use Windoze for what it was meant for: web browsing. Your life will be
much easier.