Subject Re: [firebird-php] php installation
Author Milan Babuskov
jain vaibhav wrote:
> I have get the problems while installing php.
> In my office i work on IIS server.For pesonal use at
> my home my opratig system is windows 98 and i have
> install pws,php 4.2.3 and mysql 4.09
> I made the virtual directory for phpmyadmin.
> but when i run this Initialy it shows the code of that
> file .I restart the computer and again try it but this
> time it it shows the error that server not found.
> wheather it better for me install window xp then try
> it.
> can u give me the solution for this

It seems to me that this question has got *nothing* to do with Firebird
DMBS. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You should direct your question to some general PHP forum.

P.S. Unless, of course you promise to try Firebird instead of MySQL...
then we may try to help you ;)

Milan Babuskov