Subject migrating from one server to a new one
Author Jan Agermose

I have a server running Rh4, firebird 1.5 and php4 and need to move it
to new hardward and pref. a CentOS5, PHP4 or 5 (does not really matter
that much, what ever is the easiest) and firebird 1.5

Since this is not a out of the box thing it seams we would like to hire
one how can login, get the firebird running, move the databases, move
the website = get PHP working with firebird and we will then test that
the application is running on the new server.

Could you, if this is a small job for you, give me an estimate on how
long it will take and what your hour rate is and what ever you might
need to clarify.

You can contact me directly on ja@...

Best regards


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