Subject Jaybird 3.1 to be release as Jaybird 4
Author Mark Rotteveel
After some thought, and considering some of the changes I'm making, I
will renumber Jaybird 3.1 to Jaybird 4.

The primary reason is that I am making some technically breaking
changes. Most of these changes are to Jaybird internal APIs and classes,
but I have noticed with Jaybird 3 that those turn out to be used in
unexpected ways. By increasing the major version I hope to communicate
that there are breaking changes.

As this is the second time I've done this (also renumbering Jaybird 2.3
to 3.0), I have also decided that in general, Jaybird releases will now
only use major release numbering (3 -> 4 -> 5), with point release for
bug fixes (ie 4.0.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2, etc).

We will keep the minor version number in the numbering scheme, but I
expect that from now on we will not use it.


PS Note that Jaybird versions are - as in the past - **not** linked to
Firebird versions
Mark Rotteveel