Subject Connection with JayBird
Author Marcos Carlos
Hi there,

  My name is Marcos and this is my first message.

  I connect into firebird throught jaybird. My connection class is a singleton list bellow:

private FBConnection(){
        Properties prop = new Properties();
            FileInputStream fileinput = new FileInputStream(App.workdir+"/resources/config/");
            conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:firebirdsql:"+prop.getProperty("host")+"/"+prop.getProperty("port")+":"+prop.getProperty("arquivo")+"?lc_ctype=utf8" ,prop.getProperty("user"),prop.getProperty("password"));
        }catch(Exception e){
   I monitored firebird server in windows XP machine. When i open my java program the system memory increase until memory crash. If i close my program, firebird server process come back to normal.
   I closed every resultset and statement. I use jaybird 2.29 for jre 1.7. Does anyone have an idea?

tks a lot,

Marcos de Lima Carlos
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