Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird 2.5 Services API enhancements (was: Firebird 2.5 Services API implementation)
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hello Mark,

I have added some Firebird 2.5 Services API enhancements to HEAD in
2009, which I guess are now included in the 2.2.0 Snapshot.

While things went smooth, there was one problem left (see below; my Java
knowledge is a bit limited compared to Delphi), which I hoped Roman can
have a look. Don't know if he had time at that time. I haven't the
environment for working on Jaybird anymore, so I would need to start
from scratch. Not sure if this can happen any time soon, although I
would like to have a recent Jaybird dev. environment.

Just letting you know, that there might be an outstanding/unfinished issue.


> I'm almost done. This includes:
> * Support for specifying the security database when working with
> UserManager/FBUserManager
> * Support for SET/DROP AUTO ADMIN MAPPING for the new role RDB$ADMIN in
> security database added to UserManager/FBUserManager
> * Support for (incremental) backup and restore via NBackup (new classes
> NBackupManager, FBNBackupManager)
> * Support for new shutdown/online modes in existing
> Maintenance/FBMaintenance
> * Support for Trace/Audit API (new classes TraceManager, FBTraceManager)
> There is one problem left, where I'm stuck.
> When starting a trace via the Services API, the trace session gets
> registered successfully (I can see the trace session when listing all
> registered trace sessions). The caller (my test application)
> automatically waits for incoming data from the service query (pretty
> much the same when e.g. listing on the verbose output of a backup).
> Although I've registered System.out in my test class as logger, there is
> nothing streamed to System.out, even if events took place, which can be
> inspected in the written log file by the Firebird engine.
> When stopping this particular trace session from an external
> application, my test application gets terminated correctly, so beside
> starting a new trace session, this gets recognized as well.
> I've tried executing executeServicesOperation(...) in the main and in a
> separate thread. No luck with both.
> I'm stuck here.
> Regards,
> Thomas