Subject Firebird 2.5 Services API implementation
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hello Roman,

I'm almost done. This includes:

* Support for specifying the security database when working with
* Support for SET/DROP AUTO ADMIN MAPPING for the new role RDB$ADMIN in
security database added to UserManager/FBUserManager
* Support for (incremental) backup and restore via NBackup (new classes
NBackupManager, FBNBackupManager)
* Support for new shutdown/online modes in existing
* Support for Trace/Audit API (new classes TraceManager, FBTraceManager)

There is one problem left, where I'm stuck.

When starting a trace via the Services API, the trace session gets
registered successfully (I can see the trace session when listing all
registered trace sessions). The caller (my test application)
automatically waits for incoming data from the service query (pretty
much the same when e.g. listing on the verbose output of a backup).

Although I've registered System.out in my test class as logger, there is
nothing streamed to System.out, even if events took place, which can be
inspected in the written log file by the Firebird engine.

When stopping this particular trace session from an external
application, my test application gets terminated correctly, so beside
starting a new trace session, this gets recognized as well.

I've tried executing executeServicesOperation(...) in the main and in a
separate thread. No luck with both.

I'm stuck here.