Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird 2.5 Services API implementation
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> * Support for specifying the security database when working with
>> UserManager/FBUserManager
>> * Support for SET/DROP AUTO ADMIN MAPPING for the new role RDB$ADMIN in
>> security database added to UserManager/FBUserManager
>> * Support for (incremental) backup and restore via NBackup (new classes
>> NBackupManager, FBNBackupManager)
>> * Support for new shutdown/online modes in existing
>> Maintenance/FBMaintenance
>> * Support for Trace/Audit API (new classes TraceManager, FBTraceManager)
> Cool!
>> I'm stuck here.
> Do you have commit rights for Firebird? If yes, please commit the
> changes, I will have a look. If not, please send me a patch against HEAD
> privately.

I did commit my changes to HEAD. I sent you a few test classes via ZIP