Subject Eclipse DTP with Firebird
Author reg_hill_labs

A while ago I looked at using Eclipse DTP with Firebird.

I have started looking again and found the latest plugins at a big improvement from what I was looking at in the past.

The only issue I seem to have is that the plugin does not seem to list any Blob fields, in fact, as soon as it comes across one, it seems to stop and misses out reading the rest of the fields in the table.

Does anyone know if this is a known problem (that is, it is not just me). If so, are there any known workarounds, for example, different sub types or anything I can do to get Blobs working in Eclipse? (I am running on a Mac, using Helios, but have also tried in a couple of earlier versions.)

The problem can be seen by expanding up any table in the Data Source Explorer in Eclipse that has a blob field in it... it lists all fields up to the first blob field, and none after.

I also see this release was back in 2009, so am wondering if there have been any updates since.

Thanks for any suggestions.