Subject How to connect ColdFusion Builder to Firebird 2x
Author red_october2009
Development Environment:

XP Pro, ColdFusion Builder 1, on ColdFusion 9, Firebird RDBMS 2.1.2

I was able to connect CFB1 to Firebird 2x using ODBC in the development view. It appears in the RDS View. However, when I try to run my project, an error is thrown by Hibernate, saying that it needs the proper Dialect. Problem: I don't know how to configure Hibernate to tell it that the Dialect should be 3. (In the ODBC connection I already state this, but, Hibernate doesn't read that setting.)

So, I obtained the file:
Thinking I would just connect the JDBC way. Problem: I've never done this before and don't know how to do it.

I've read the install/helps on all the products involved and either the help is full of acronyms that aren't explained and expert level gobbely-gook, or the instructions don't seem to exist.

Is there some kind should who can explain, at the "beginer" or "For Dummies" level, exactly how to tell ColdFusion Builder 1 (Which is the latest version) to use Firebird 2.1.2 as the DB?

(King of like:
1) Unzip the jaybird file
2) Place the unzipped contents in folder: ?
3) Configure your Jaybird to talke to your FB DB by editing file..?
4) In ColdFusion "Administrator" click menu choices .?./..?
5) In ColdFusion Builder, click menu choices ../..? ?

Thanks in advance.