Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] hostname resolving jaybird
Author Matthias

Lutz Müller schrieb:
> i googled around a bit, and i think it was this:
> i am pretty sure it had something to do with how InetAddress.getByName() works
> in java. it doesnt matter if you use a hostname or an ip address.
> On Tuesday 19 May 2009 14:55:33 Lutz Müller wrote:
>> hmm, i remember i had the exact same problem two or three years ago. sadly
>> i cannot remember the exact cause. but i do remember how i went on to solve
>> it. its been a while and i cannot reproduce it but i think this is what i
>> did:
>> i wrote a java program that tried to open a socket to the firebird server i
>> tried to connect to.
>> program failed to connect , so i knew it was a java problem rather than i
>> jaybird problem.
>> the i opened my debugger ans stepped through the jdk code.
>> then at some point in the jdk code, and this is what i can not recall, it
>> was clear to see what the problem was....
>> this is a very very vague description, i know. but maybe it helps in
>> finding your problem.
>> lutz

Thanks for your hints, so I've looked again at the resolving files.
Solution is above.