Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Process name in monitoring tables with Jaybird?
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:
> Hi Roman,
>>> Vlad told me in firebird-support, that even Jaybird could expose the
>>> remote process name. His original post.
>> The process name does not help you a lot - it is always java.exe or
>> javaw.exe :) But the PID should be exposed.
> Right, although there could be a way to additionally print out the Java
> class name with the main[] method? Or even make the necessary parameter
> available at connection level to fill it with a user-definable value?

Yes, but would it fit the DPB? The Java classes tend to be long...

We could take the last n characters of the main class name, or if
specified, some system property which you can pass via -D parameter.

What do you think? If that is ok, please add the feature request to the