Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Process name in monitoring tables with Jaybird?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Roman,

>> Vlad told me in firebird-support, that even Jaybird could expose the
>> remote process name. His original post.
> The process name does not help you a lot - it is always java.exe or
> javaw.exe :) But the PID should be exposed.

Right, although there could be a way to additionally print out the Java
class name with the main[] method? Or even make the necessary parameter
available at connection level to fill it with a user-definable value?

With Sysinternals process explorer or on Linux with 'ps' I can get the
process name along with the command-line arguments, so I usually see the
class name along the java.exe call in e.g. a batch file, which I use to
start my Java based application.