Subject java-local database security
Author Steffen Heil

My application uses a central connection pool, which is abtracted by a class
that basically only offers two functions:
- Connection getConnection()
- Connection getSingleConnection()

The first returns a connection from the pool.
The seconds waits till all connections from the pool are closed, shuts down
the pool, and returns a single connection from the driver manager. When that
one is closed it restarts the pool and unlocks any threads waiting for a
Connection. So I can use meta-data updates with getSingleConnection.

What I want to do right now is to prevent access to some tables for some
For example:

If threadA callet getConnection, allow everything for tables "a$...", but
completely disallow "b$...", while only allowing referential integrity on

That is somehow easy, as I already have my own Connection, Statement,
PreparedStatement and ResultSets in place and so I can easily intercept
calls to functions that take sql strings.

However I would need to write my own sql parser, which I assume someone did
already. So, is there any available parser which can be used standalone?


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