Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Detecting disconnection
Author Rick Debay
According to the API, isClosed() only checks if the object was closed.
It won't detect errors in the transport layers. If you're using a
connection pool, some of them test the connection for you before handing
it out. If you need a persistent connection and you don't want the pool
to maintain it for you, you'll have to ping it yourself.

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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Detecting disconnection

Hy people,
I was always wondering if there was any way to add some kind of listener
to a firebird connection to detect if the connection gets broken?

Neither java.sql.Connection nor FirebirdConnection class does define
such a method

Or do I have to poll the connection? If so, will isClosed() return true,
if the connection broke because of a physical condition?

I need some help/info about an sql command

"select count(distinct id),datum from aTable group by datum having
count(distinct id)>1"

I was wondering if there was any easier why to reference the first
column in the having clause.
For example:
select count(distinct id) as firstCol,datum from aTable group by datum
having firstCol>1


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