Subject Java and embedded Firebird
Author blurrynight
I am confused with the following notes in README_embedded.txt of embed
distribution. Does it mean that it is possible for multiple JVMs to do
queries from a same database (e.g. one of the JVM would host as a
embedded server and the other JVMs to connect to it)?

2.2. Database access

The embedded server supports only the IPServer "local
connect" to a database file path without a server name.
The client must have exclusive access to the database file.

The embedded server acts as a true local server for a single
client accessing databases on a local machine. It can also
act as a remote gateway that redirects all network calls to
other hosts, just as the regular client library


2.4. Compatibility

You may run any number of applications with the embedded
server without any conflicts. Having IB/FB server running
is not a problem either.

But you should be aware that you cannot access single
database from a number of the embedded servers
simultaneously, because they have SuperServer architecture
and hence exclusively lock attached databases.