Subject Need help with JCA/JDBC driver install to connect to Firebird Database - Linux
Author Bijilal Poikayil

I am new to Firebird and I would like to make the jdbc connection
work with this database. I have a linux box (Redhat).

S/w version that I have and status of each.

1. Tomcat Version 5.5.9 => This is installed and fully operational
2. Firebird - FirebirdSS- ==> This is installed
and fully operational.
3. I kind of identified the jdbc s/w I would need to connect here
will be - ( I am not really sure if this
will work with my version of Firebird). So it will be great if any
one suggest the right vesrion of Jbird I should use.
4. What are the steps to setup the JDBC connection. All I know at
this point is that to copy the jar file below to

unzip -l jaybird-full-2.0.1.jar
Length Date Time Name
-------- ---- ---- ----
627472 12-04-05 20:38 jaybird-full-2.0.1.jar
-------- -------
627472 1 file

I have no clue if it works after that, so I am looking forward to
hear from any one who has done this before so that I can try to set
it up.

Thanks for your help and time.