Subject AMD64 Blackdown jdk
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
Not sure if it's been tested to or should compile. But at the moment I
can't compile jaybird 2.0.1 on AMD64 using blackdown jdk

Now I think it might be more complicated than that. This is on gentoo
and I am working with the new java system. Which I have sun jdk 1.5 on
the machine. But for some old gentoo ebuilds that used java generation 1
stuff on gentoo. Seems they want to use blackdown despite sun being the
jdk used for compiling packages and etc. (Looking into updating the
ebuild to the second generation)

I am assuming at this point, that the ebuild/ant build of jaybird is
detecting 1.5. Then Gentoo is using 1.4, and it won't compile, 1.4
trying to compile 1.5 code.

Anyway just curious if it's been compiled with blackdown jdk at all? If
so, if it was on AMD64 or not? Don't see why that would make a diff, but
could. If it's known not to compile, would like to confirm that.


William L. Thomson Jr.
Obsidian-Studios, Inc.