Subject Solved Jira installation with Firebird
Author miridoi
I've asked to Roman the following JIRA installation issue with

I've read that Firebird 2.0 solve index 252 length limitation of
Firebird 1.x. But when I'm installing Jira (Bug tracking software with Firebird 2.0 (last
release, and using Jaybird 2.0 JDBC driver (last
release i still have this index limitation
What is hapenning?

And Roman respond me:

So, to be sure that you solve your problem, please ensure that:
- you have created database with new ODS structure; this usually
means simply to ensure that you use isql from FB 2.0, fbclient.dll
is from FB 2.0 and fbserver.exe is from FB 2.0;
- your database page size is something bigger than 1k.

The tested solution:
The problem was that i have an older Firebird database structure,
ODS v10. But when i've recreated this from isql with ODS v11
structure, JIRA don't report me any errors.

Thanks Roman!