Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Another code that worked in 1.5.5 and no morein 2.0.1 ... closing a ResultSet
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Will this be a temp or permanent solution? Seems like it should be a
> temp one till OO addresses the known issue. Does not seem like
> functionality should exist that goes against the standard specification.

We'll see... I see no problem, if this code remains - it is anyway optional,
switched off by default.

> The workaroud will be need to fix the implementation specific issues, in
> the current OO. If the OO developers resolve that. Then will there be
> any need or use to the workaround?
> Other than for people migrating from older versions of JayBird. In which
> case their apps do not conform to the standard. Since they are relying
> on using a non standard "implementation" feature. Seems like in those
> cases best to break the app, so it can be modified to conform with
> stadards.

I fully share you way of thinking! But some don't :))