Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] what's going on with issues JDBC-87 and JDBC-88
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> but still nothing changed. So I am asking again: When this issues will
> be solved? I don't wont to bother you but we will appreciate solutions
> of this issues. Issue JDBC-88 (configuration parameter 'encoding' cannot
> be set to 'OCTETS') has priority for us.

I checked the stuff, had no time to close the issues - currently I'm in
Prague on the Firebird Conference.

The issue is not easy - the engine explicitly checks on OCTETS in connection
and prohibits the connection. When connecting with NONE, all data are passed
correctly except the trailing "space". I have expected the 0x00 to be the
trailing symbol, instead the engine uses hardcoded 0x20. So, there is some
discrepancy between documentation for the OCTETS encoding and the reality
coded in the engine (I have checked the FB 1.5 and FB 2.0).

The issue with returning byte[] for OCTETS columns - done, committed, will
be part of Jaybird 2.2. If I remember correctly, I have backported it to
Jaybird 2.1 branch ("Branch_2_1" in CVS). So you can get the code from the
CVS directly.