Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] what's going on with issues JDBC-87 and JDBC-88
Author David KozĂ­k

it's more than month since I asked you:

>>I'd like to ask what's going on with issues JDBC-87 and JDBC-88. I
>>have added them some time ago after mailing with you (through this
>>forum). You wrote that you will look at it after your vacation. When
>>will be JayBird version solving this issues availaible?

and you wrote:

> Sorry, I had no time to have a look on this topic. This weekend I have some
> long trip by train, so very likely it will be fixed next week :)

but still nothing changed. So I am asking again: When this issues will
be solved? I don't wont to bother you but we will appreciate solutions
of this issues. Issue JDBC-88 (configuration parameter 'encoding' cannot
be set to 'OCTETS') has priority for us.


David Kozik