Subject "The resultSet is not in a row, use next" Version 1.5.5
Author robert_difalco
Does anyone know of any problems in 1.5.5 using 1.0.3 as a backend
that could cause the error in the subject line?

It has only ever been seen once but is reproducible with a large
database, querying using a UDF. As mentioned, this works in almost all
cases and there has only been a problem on one database.

My guess is that SOMEHOW, the rowsArray member of FBCachedFetcher is
not empty but rowsArray[0] is null. So, #next works correctly, but
something like #getInt will encounter a null value for "row", which
creates the error message in the subject line.

This isn't in an installation that is easy to upgrade, so I'm happy to
do so but wanted to know if this was a known-fixed issue before
upgrading only to find the same problem (for example, if it is really
a server problem).