Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] cannot update erased record
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:45 AM 24/01/2006, Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

> > I posted there first as I thought it might have been a firebird issue.
> > This is what Helen said:
> >
> > I guess it means that your exception handler code is picking up some
> > exception and interpreting it as this condition...for it's not a
> > Firebird error message.
> > She seems to be saying it's not a firebird error message, so I was
> > thinking it might be something from the JDBC driver?
>That was my first thought too, but it turns out to be a Firebird message
>with the code 336527548 - "cannot update erased record" - I have imported it
>from the message database. Strangely enough, this error code does not exist
>in iberror.h and cannot be found in FB2 sources directly. So deeper
>investigation is required.
>Please forward this information to Firebird-Support/Helen.

Unfortunately, Roman, this doesn't help. Firebird 1.5 doesn't have
any gdscodes in the 3365... range so, even if you're somehow able to
generate this range from msgs.fdb in the Fb 2 tree, it doesn't give
much of a clue about which exception is actually occurring in Fb 1.5.

From ignorance of how the Jaybird driver versions map to the
Firebird server versions, I wonder whether Chris' problem is somehow
related to a mismatch between the Jaybird client and the Firebird server...?