Subject First getConnection() very slow in pooled FBWrappingDataSource
Author rfincher2000
Hi All,

I'm working on a desktop program using Java 1.5 and JayBird 2.0.1 with
a pooled FBWrappingDataSource in a Windows XP environmnt. The
Firebird server is a Linux system with super server version 1.5.

When I execute the first getConnection() on the pooled dataSource
there is a delay of about 45 seconds before the method returns.

After that all seems to work OK.

Running the program without pooled dataSources results in more
reasonable startup times.

Using the pool makes the program more responsive once it gets going,
but waiting 45 seconds for the program to start sort of defeats the
purpose of using the pool.

I have not noticed this delay using the same versions of
Java/Firebird/Jaybird with web applications under Tomcat with pooled
dataSources, although it could be and just not noticeable in a web
server environment. Tomcat is running on a Linux box in that scenario.

Any idea what could be causing this?