Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] First getConnection() very slow in pooled FBWrappingDataSource
Author Евгений Путилин
Hi Rick,
> I'm working on a desktop program using Java 1.5 and JayBird 2.0.1 with
> a pooled FBWrappingDataSource in a Windows XP environmnt. The
> Firebird server is a Linux system with super server version 1.5.
> When I execute the first getConnection() on the pooled dataSource
> there is a delay of about 45 seconds before the method returns.
> After that all seems to work OK.

> Any idea what could be causing this?
What is name of database file? if name like XXXX.gdb WinXP create copy of file before open it for write.
You can test this: before create dataSource open database from tool like IBExpert.

WBR Evgeny Putilin.