Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] FBSQLException: resultSet is closed with Jaybird 2.0
Author Carsten Schäfer
You are right.
It was in auto-commit mode and this is unwanted.
I will change my code.


Roman Rokytskyy schrieb:

>>i got the following exception with one of my databases:
>>org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: The resultSet is closed
>>This only happens with Jaybird 2.0 (every time). If i replace the jar
>>with Jaybird 1.5.5 everything works fine.
>>For my configuration see my last messages.
>>I think it's a bug with the StatementPooling.
>No, if you run in the auto-commit mode - JDBC specification requires us to
>close all open result sets before executing the next statement. This was
>changed in JB 2.0 together with dropping the result set caching in
>auto-commit mode.
>You have to switch the auto-commit mode off to get your previous behavior
>back. Alternatively we can think about the compatibility mode that would use
>result set caching in auto-commit mode and ignore the JDBC specification if
>more people have problems with this behavior.