Subject STARTING WITH '' (empty String) on an indexed field
Author Christian Danner
Hello Roman,

the code below as expected returns all rows if no indexes are set.
With an index on any of the (VARCHAR-)fields in the where clause I get
an empty ResultSet.

String sql = "select id, name_i, name_l, name_f"
+ " from cust"
+ " where (name_i starting with ?)"
+ " and (name_l starting with ?)"
+ " and (name_f starting with ?)"
+ " order by name_i";
PreparedStatement smt = con.prepareStatement( sql);
smt.setString( 1, "");
smt.setString( 2, "");
smt.setString( 3, "");
ResultSet rss = smt.executeQuery();

(FBWrappingDataSource from FirebirdSQL-1.5.5JDK_1.4 on FB1.52.4731)

Any hint on a solution would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,