Subject Unicode characters vs ibexpert, php and java
Author nagypapi
Hy List!

I have started using Firebird(1.5.2) through php (currently with
IBWebAdmin, but i'll write my own code later too) and java (jaybird 1.5.5)

The DBase was created with UNICODE_FSS charset

From java I am connecting with "lc_ctype=UNICODE_FSS"

My problem is that characters with those little things above them
(whatever they are called :) ) for example é,á,í,ő,ű,ó,ú are inserted
and thus retrieved in a different form from java and from php (and
IBExpert). If I insert an á from php, it looks like a little box in
java, and vica versa if I insert an á in java, it looks like something
very frightening from php.

Where should I look and what do I need to set, so that the characters
get stored consistently? (btw in IBEXpert I set the reg. info/charset
to UNICODE_FSS, but it behaves the same way as IBWebAdmin in contrast
to java)


Little John aka Li Jo