Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Can Firebird run on internet server ?
Author Rick Fincher
Hi John,

You can alias the path name in Firebird 1.5 if you want to hide the file
path details from the outside world. That also allows you to move the
database around on the server if you need to without affecting the name
used from the outside.

But, the old way should work OK on an internet server too. The problem
may be that you don't have port 3050 open in your firewall. If not, it
will block all packets sent between Firebird and the outside world, but
not internally.

If you control the firewall that's easy to fix, if not you have to
request it from your sys admin.

Many companies block everything but port 80 on a gateway machine for web
browser access and the users have to designate that machine as a proxy

Things get tricky then. There are some IP tunnelling solutions for
that, though.

If you can run MySql or Oracle on the server then it is almost certainly
just a firewall port problem.

Oh, be sure you change the URL in your example below from:



jdbc:firebirdsql:// being the machine the Firebird server is on.

That is always necessary unless the server is running on your local system.

Hope this helps!


John Zoetebier wrote

>Thanks Rick,
>I should have expressed myself more clearly.
>The reason I am interested in Firebird is because of its ability to issue an
>event alert.
>The database may have to run naked on an internet server, i.e not behind a web
>server or application server.
>The JDBC URL of firebird includes the full path to the database like in:
>The bit after 3050 is the path to the database.
>Someone may require the system I am working on to run over an internet
>connection, in stead of on a LAN.
>The firebird URL works fine on a LAN, but not when the database is hosted on
>an internet server.
>Virtually all other database servers I know do not include the physical path
>to the database in their URL.
>Is there a different URL format to access a Firebird database on an internet
>server ?