Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] firebird embedded under Linux problems
Author Niki Ivanchev
Hi Roman..

>What happens next? It simply hangs or there's something more? Is database
>ok? Is there any other application accessing the database file? What access
>rights are given for the database file? (the user under which Java code is
>executed must have write access to the database)
>And one stupid question - do you run your Java application under Wine?
JVM just quits. No error message, nothing.
The same database is taken from the windows setup, where works fine
again with embedded server.
No Firebird server is installed on this machine also, no servers on
developers machine.
BTW it is not about access rights or anything file related. I passed
nonexisting file as a parameter in test case and it stops on the same place.
About "fake_windows"- simply I am running Microsoft VSS client under wine.
If it works for you, what is your kernel?