Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] firebird embedded under Linux problems
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> [GDS_Impl,INFO] Successfully loaded client library # 1 -
> "". [GDS_Impl,INFO] Initilized native library OK.
> [GDS_Impl,DEBUG] Original file name:
> /home/niki/.wine/fake_windows/WORK/PROJECTS/ADVMANAGER/advmanager.fd
> b [GDS_Impl,DEBUG] File name for native code:
> /home/niki/.wine/fake_windows/WORK/PROJECTS/ADVMANAGER/advmanager.fd
> b

What happens next? It simply hangs or there's something more? Is database
ok? Is there any other application accessing the database file? What access
rights are given for the database file? (the user under which Java code is
executed must have write access to the database)

And one stupid question - do you run your Java application under Wine?