Subject firebird embedded under Linux problems
Author Niki Ivanchev
At the begining of this year I had a succesfull test with firebird embedded.
However yesterday I tried to port one of our applications form windows
to linux.
When I run the application - it stops. I debugged the code and I saw
that jaybird succesfully loads both and
extracted from Firebird-Classic 1.5.1 release
The problem arises when I try to get a connection from the pool. The
pool is configured with setMinPoolSize(1) and setMaxPoolSize(1) to avoid
problems with mutiple connections, as I don't know do they exist.
The system is Suse 9.1 with stock 2.4.5 kernel. java is 1.4.2
May I ask some one to send me an arhive containing his firebird-full.jar
and both so files that work on his system.
All applications work fine under Windows.