Subject Charactet Set problems, help?
Author momchilov
My data from the database is shown like "??????".

My setup:
- Jacarta Tomcat 5.0
- Firebird-
- j2sdk-1_4_2_04-windows-i586-p
- FirebirdSQL-1.5.0RC4JDK_1.4

I known there is a description of this problem in FAQ.htm in JayBird,
and there is workaround. But the solution doesn't help me at all. Or
I'm doing it in a wrong way.

So I'm using WIN1251 character set in my database and characters in
Cyrilic are shown like "????" (question marks) in the browser. The
FAQ says that I must put a parameter to JVM. So I start "Monitor
Tomcat" and in Java tab I add "-Dfile.encoding=Cp1251". Restart the
server... Nothing happens... Againg these question marks...

So, can anybody help me? The project I'm working on requires that
kind of database, but I must use cyrilic characters... I'm 2 days
behind in my schedule of the project for solving this out...

Thank in advance...