Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Q. for _serious dababase developers - app. example, dev. tools
Author S. Radojcin
Ok, tx. a lot for answer, I will try hibernate.

But this is my first db desktop (Java) application, and what I looking
for is one
concrete example, which demonstrates the best practices for developing
such kind of application.

My previous experience lies in Delphi/C++ world, both of this tools
haves prebuit db-aware controls,
and I am litle confused with db desktop programing in Java.

How to build user interface ? I know that Swing komponents can be
data-aware , because of his MVC nature
(JTable haves TableModel,..), but this seems to be a more complicated to
develop a complete set of 'SwingDB'
controls. For example, what about sinhronization, if I have DBGrid
(~JTable), and a lot of 'single-fields' controls.
If user moves to another record (using DBGrid), how others sigle-fields
controls can be sinchronized with this
new record position ? What is missing is one kind of 'data source'
controls, which must be the same for all db controls.,
and retrieves data from database.

Or, consider the following situation: currently, I have a db table with
foreign key, which points to primary key
on the same table (auto-referential constraint). And I want to
display/edit/update/delete and change master key
(last operation, of course, with mouse moving) -all together - with
using JTree -like control .
Can I achieve this goal with standard Swing JTree control and Hibernate
(Firebird and JayBird)?

So, I don't know what should to do first, and what tools should to use.
And, JayBird haves some own restriction, for example,
ResultSet.updateXXX() does not work (not implemented) together with
couple other methods, so , for conclusion, the best thing for me, I
think, is one demo (but _powerfull demo) db desktop application, that
uses Firebird/JayBird 1.5.

Pure JDBC is not problem, since I currently develop a much much superior
project, (alone :-( , and db desktop application is
just part of this project. But, db application is not my developing area
By the way, I cannot recieve my own messages from this mailing list, can
anyone tell me why ?

Jasper Potts wrote:

>I am developing a commercial desktop application in java that uses a
>database embedded in it. We are currently just moving from pure JDBC to

>From: S. Radojcin [mailto:cwele@...]
>Sent: 16 August 2004 09:49
>Subject: [Firebird-Java] Q. for _serious dababase developers - app. example,
>dev. tools
>Hi all,
>I am looking for example of Java database desktop application that uses
>JayBird (1.5 or less) and shows the power of Firebird/JayBird
>Can someone tell me where I can found such kind of example ?
>-And yet another question : where I can learn more about developing
>database desktop application /_what _exactly _tools should to use, (more
>important:) design of user interface, persistence mechanism , ... some
>book maybe ?