Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Q. for _serious dababase developers - app. example, dev. tools
Author Jasper Potts
I am developing a commercial desktop application in java that uses a
database embedded in it. We are currently just moving from pure JDBC to
using Hibernate to access the database, mainly to give code independence
from a particular database, though there are many other benefits. We are
testing with 3 databases at the moment Hypersonic, Firebird and Mysql. Want
to try Postgressql 8 when I get time. The performance of certain parts of
our application varies hugely with the different databases, so we want to
stay neutral for as long as we can before deciding what we are going to ship

Don't know if any of that is of interest, check out
<> seems to be very popular and there are several
books out on it.



From: S. Radojcin [mailto:cwele@...]
Sent: 16 August 2004 09:49
Subject: [Firebird-Java] Q. for _serious dababase developers - app. example,
dev. tools

Hi all,
I am looking for example of Java database desktop application that uses
JayBird (1.5 or less) and shows the power of Firebird/JayBird

Can someone tell me where I can found such kind of example ?

-And yet another question : where I can learn more about developing
database desktop application /_what _exactly _tools should to use, (more
important:) design of user interface, persistence mechanism , ... some
book maybe ?

- Whether someone uses db-aware controls and what exactly ?

So, I want to know complete set of tools for developing high quality,
professional Java database desktop application using Firebird/JayBird

- thanks in advance...

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