Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Type2 local-mode threadsafe ?
Author Ryan Baldwin

I'm afraid the only modes actually 'supported' by the native mode driver are
type 2 remote protocol on windows and linux and embedded mode on windows.
The driver does not currently support the necersary threading model to use
type 2 local protocol on windows - or on linux. These modes
simply will not work correctly as it stands.

Their have been previous dicussion's regarding the issues that need to be
resolved to support type 2 local mode - their end up being having
concurrency tradeoff's made to use this mode. I am just getting back into
working on jaybird. Soon I will provide a more complete explantation as to
what these issues are and how they can be resolved.


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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Re: Type2 local-mode threadsafe ?

> Yes, i have an client-server application.
> Clients connect to server with rmi, server is managing db-connections.
> Strange that embedded mode is working and local not.

Not necessarily, because fbclient.dll is only client dll, fbembed.dll
is "reduced" variant of the superserver build that has internal
synchronization. I will check this issue with Dmitry Yemanov.


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