Subject Re: Problem with JayBird?
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> thanks for your fast answer. Anyway, I'll give a try
> with the new release of JayBird with the newest version
> of JOnAS 3.3.6. I'll send the list my result as soon as
> I tried this combination.
> Below is the exception, you asked:
> ...
> 2004-04-16 09:57:53,602 : ERROR : RMI TCP
> Connection(240)- : JOnASDiscussionItemBean.ejbCreate
> :
> failed to create bean in database
> org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBSQLException: GDS Exception. 335544726. Error
> reading data from the connection.

Can it be that your server crashed? Can you check its logs? Or your
network was broken?

This exception is thrown when we get IOException when either
sending/reading data to/from network socket. I doubt that this is
driver bug.