Subject Re: Problem with JayBird?
Author lofidewanto
> Can it be that your server crashed? Can you check its logs? Or your
> network was broken?
> This exception is thrown when we get IOException when either
> sending/reading data to/from network socket. I doubt that this is
> driver bug.

The problem is that after JOnAS 3.1 executed the rollback (in the
beginning of the exception - in my mail before), the whole Firebird
1.5.0 DBMS will crash. This means that I cannot get *any connection*
to the Firebird DBMS anymore. For example: using IBConsole to contact
the Firebird would result a socket error. And this is just the same
error what JOnAS tells above. So the error must happen just before the
exeception above...

To handle this situation I have 2 choices:
- Restart the FireBird 1.5 DBMS *or*
- Kill the JOnAS container and restart it
Both ways resolve the problem temporarly.

But the same error always happens just after the rollback within
JOnAS. So, I try to use the old InterServer/InterClient again (with
the same configuration: Firebird 1.5 and JOnAS 3.1). And it works
smoothly. I also can see from the log file that the same rollbacks
happened within JOnAS but no crash within the Firebird DBMS. So I
think this must be the problem of JayBird as I only replaced the
JayBird with the InterServer/InterClient.

Thank you,