Subject Re: Slow jdbc with ColdfusionMX
Author Roman Rokytskyy
--- In, "21cs" <chasrandal@y...> wrote:
> I'm faced with the same problem - queries taking much longer to
> complete. We've built a new server with Win2003, CFMX 6.1, Jaybird
> 1.0.1, (with Firebird DB running on its own server), and we're
> hoping to go live this week. Current platform is Win2K, CF45,
> IBphoenix ODBC driver, datasources linked to same Firebird DB
> server (works great!). Most queries are fairly short running, so
> this isn't a show-stopper, but I would like to know why. It seems
> that there might be an overhead or connection issue, because the %
> increase is greater with short queries (i.e. 20ms queries run 4x
> longer, 1 sec queries run 50% longer).

Not necessarily with connection, but with socket too. Do you run
Firebird on the same host as ColdFusionMX? In this case you should
try type 2 driver from CVS as well as embedded version. Also it would
be great to check performance between ODBC and JayBird when Firebird
runs on separate server.

Can you report your findings here? If my guess is correct, I have a
good explanation :) If not, then we have to look for a bug.