Subject Re: PreparedStatements
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> It seems that PreparedStatements are not supported in JayBird as the
> source for shows the following for all set methods:
> public void setDate(Date value, Calendar cal) throws SQLException
> {
> throw (SQLException)createException(
> DATE_CONVERSION_ERROR).fillInStackTrace();
> }
> The release notes say that PreparedStatements are working. What's
> the truth?

Your understanding of sources is wrong. If you check FBField
modifiers, you will see that class is abstract. You simply cannot
instantiate it. When you check AbstractPreparedStatement and
FBField.createField() method, you will see that it uses FBField
subclasses, which implement only methods that are relevant for the
particular data type. For possible conversion, see JDBC specification
(somewhere in appendix, probably appendix B).

So, PreparedStatement is fully supported as well as
CallableStatement. Version from CVS passes most of JDBC CTS suite
(only tests that are not relevant for Firebird were excluded).