Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird and The Rest of The World
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Tuesday 16 March 2004 02:19, Rodolfo M. Raya wrote:


> > This has been addressed in FB1.5 with Aliases
> Hello Phil,
> As I understood from the new features page in Firebird's web site, you
> have to write alias information in aliases.conf file. This means another
> modification to our code base, precisely what we want to avoid.

There was some talk in the dev list about adding the 'alias name' to the
create database statement, so that the alias could be created automatically,
but can't remember why it was decided not to do it.

> We want to execute the following statement
> through the JDBC driver and let the server create all the necessary
> files automatically in server's directory.

I don't think the ability to create/edit/remove alias information has been
added to the API in FB1.5, but if it has, or will be, it should be possible
to update FBManager to also create/remove the alias when DB's are
created/dropped I suppose?


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