Subject Firebird and The Rest of The World
Author Jack Frosch by way ofAnn W. Harrison
Hello all,

I got this today and wondered if anyone in the Java side of the world
knows anything about James and why HypersonicSQL would be a better choice
than Jaybird/Firebird?




As a long-time InterBase, and now Firebird, user, I'm somewhat perplexed
why Firebird isn't making a bigger impact on the rest of the open
source community.

I just stumbled across a note at
about plans for the Apache James mail server. In it, someone suggest
implementing HypersonicSQL as a default JDBC-based mail store.

It's not just there, but everywhere. When other people talk about
integrating a free DBMS, they always seem to mention MySQL, Hypersonic,
Postgress, etc., but no mention of Firebird. I suppose I see more
HypersonicSQL references than any other because of my Java focus, but even
outside Java circles Firebird seems to be relatively invisible.

Since I'm not an end user of these open source tools and not a developer, I
don't feel it's my place to lob in a suggestion to use Firebird and then
leave the scene. However, I'd think Firebird developers would be
interested in getting their good works publicized outside the

What do you suppose is the reason for the mismatch between Firebird's
stellar capabilities and its relative obscurity?

Jack Frosch
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