Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Firebird and The Rest of The World
Author Rodolfo M. Raya
On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 18:04, Jack Frosch wrote:

> Hello all,
> I got this today and wondered if anyone in the Java side of the world
> knows anything about James and why HypersonicSQL would be a better choice
> than Jaybird/Firebird?


I started using Interbase when version 4.0 was the greatest thing on
earth. Then I worked with Firebird for a long time and I still use it.
However, it isn't the greatest thing on earth now.

As said, I still use Firebird and still recommend it. But last year I
was asked to add support for HSQL in one of our apps and I tried it.
Surprisingly it is faster then Firebird and easier to use within a Java

Two important points that we observed when comparing Firebird with the
other databases we support (MySQL, HSQL and MS SQL Server):

1) Firebird creates a file and the user must know the path to the
database in order to use it. We had to modify our programs to let the
user enter the path to the database. We prefer to pass a name to the
server and let it handle storage.

2) Firebird was the only database that forced us to alter our code to
create/drop databases. With all the rest database was possible using the
JDBC calls, no need to call administrative classes.

I can say that I hate MS SQL Server JDBC driver, but HSQL was really
easy to use. So easy that I made an RPM (actually two, one for Red Hat
and one for SuSE) and one of my colleagues made an executable installer
for Windows and we offer them for free in our web site.

After a year of intensive use I never had problems with HSQL. No
problems with Firebird either, but differences in performance and the
possibility of developing one code to support MySQL/HSQL and MS SQL
Server at the same time are driving us slowly away from Firebird.


Rodolfo M. Raya <rmraya@...>

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