Subject Re: Urgent!!!....FireBird/JayBird - running a jar file(JBuilder) in a client workstation
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Cristina,

> I am working with FireBird database and JasperReports. I tried to
> run my jar file with the following command line:
> c:\>java.exe -classpath EstadisticasTabacos.jar
> calculatallos.CalculaTallos
> but the system generates the following error message:
> "Exception ocurred during event dispatching:
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/borland/dx/dataset/DataSet at
> calculatallos.FrameMenu.jMenuItem2_actionPerformed<
> 0>"

System is missing some classes from JBuilder. It is not enough to include
only a jar file with your application, but also the classes from all jar
files you have added to your project.

> Do you know, how do I have to run my jar file?...... I must create a
> shortcut in the desktop, so the user can click on it to execute the
> client/server application.......
> Also I have tested the following line:
> c:\JBuilder9\jdk1.4\bin\javaw.exe -classpath
> "c:\BL\EstadisticasTabacos.jar;c:\Archivos de
> programa\Firebird\JayBird_1_5_3\firebirdsql-full.jar;c:\JBuilder9\li
> b\dx.jar;
> c:\JBuilder9\lib\dbswing.jar;c:\JasperReports\iReport-0.3.1\lib\jasp
> erreports-0.5.3.jar;" calculatallos.CalculaTallos
> With this line the menu runs,

That's most likely the correct classpath.

> but when I click on an option, the jar doesn´t do nothing. I am using a
> Datamodule to include the conexion in all options of my application.

It can be that it missises some other classes. Try running java.exe instead
of javaw.exe, it will open console and most likely it will write some error
messages there.