Subject Install a jar file with a conexion to Firebird through JarBird
Author cristinavelascog
Hi ,

I have generated the jar file, but now I need to run the application
(the jar file) in a client workstation.

I am working with FireBird database and JasperReports. I tried to run
my jar file with the following command line:

c:\>java.exe -classpath EstadisticasTabacos.jar

but the system generates the following error message:

"Exception ocurred during event dispatching:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/borland/dx/dataset/DataSet at

Do you know, how do I have to run my jar file?...... I must create a
shortcut in the desktop, so the user can click on it to execute the
client/server application.......

Thanks a lot if you can help me.