Subject getTime and setTime using Calendar
Author rwilcom

Remember the problem we had with the getTimestamp/setTimstamp
methods using Calendar? The problem where it was using the local
time zone as part of the calculation? Well, we are seeing the same
problem with the getTime/setTime methods that also use the Calendar
object as a parameter. Again, we are trying to use GMT in this
method call and it is adjusting the time using our local machine's
time zone. If we change the time zone on the machine the time
written to the database adjusts on the setTime() method!?

When the getTimestamp/setTimestamp methods were corrected back in
the 5.0 release were the getTime/setTime methods overlooked? It
seems that they are using the old logic - which we have decided is
an incorrect calculation.

If you could take a look at that code and get back to me I would
appreciate it greatly - if it is the 'old calculation' then can you
please correct this before the next build (in a few weeks right?).