Subject Re: Error 504: Problem with Win2000 and driver 1.5.4
Author phil_hhn
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > Ah, a bug in GDSException?
> Most likely.
> > So that should explain the difference in messages.
> Yes, it seems to stop on the second parameter when parsing the status
> vector. Third and fourth seems to be missing. The only consequence
is that
> message is not correctly formatted.

We made a break-through of sorts with this issue... The connection was
not in auto-commit mode, and somebody noticed that immediately after
running a particular query, there was a call to commit!

Turns out the person that put the commit there had requested a
read-write, scrollable cursor (something I'd suggested to the team we
don't do, as the docs suggested the JDBC driver [or database] did not
support it). Anyway, with the commit and this combo of settings, they
were able to call ResultSet.last(), get the number of rows in the
ResultSet, then call ResultSet.first() and then iterate thru them.
They weren't able to do a last() then first() unless they added the
commit immediately after running the query.

We took out the commit (it made no sense to have it there), and
(ignoring any other last() first() issues), the error doesn't occur
any more!

Does this help highlight any database error? Or is it more to do with
the issue discussed above where there's a bug in GDSException so we
aren't seeing an appropriate message?

Hope that helps...