Subject FB DB Creation via Jaybird's Mbean
Author karthick srini
Dear Members ,

I have installed firebird via 1.5.1 tar.gz. During
installation itself a user firebird gets created. And
"firebird super server" gets started as a service with
a user firebird. When we connect to the FB server and
create DB ( via JayBird's FirebirdManager MBean) a DB
gets created. I have given the DB name "TEST.FDB". And
db gets created under system's "/tmp" (root't /tmp)
directory. But content under "/tmp" directory prone
to get deleted. In order to avoid that I need to give
the absolute File location of DB say
"/home/test/test.fdb". I have two suggestions/doubts
in this regard,

1) When db is created in firebird DB via remote i.e
from client machine request , client cannot know the
file path of DB server machine. It would be better to
have a a parameter "dbDir" parameter. For that DB
admin can tell the directory to create DB files when
relative DB file name is given.
2) FBServer gets started as "firebird" user. So it
won't have permission for other directories. In that
case how do you expect the directory path to be given.
Do I need allocate space for "firebird" user in
FBServer m/c.

I hope this post belongs to both JayBird and firebird,
So I have posted it to both forums,


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